Try Your Best

It is very easy to get caught up in the pressure to achieve status or acquire wealth in today’s times. Whilst it’s healthy and progressive to have dreams and goals, losing perspective on what’s necessary to live a healthy and fulfilling life is not!

As human beings, we have been gifted with an opportunity to experience life and share our unique perspective with others on a similar journey. We all have unique and valuable gifts to share with the rest of the tribe and that is all and everything we can offer. Amidst the pressures and expectations of today’s society, we can only try our best!

In each moment we find ourselves deciding on the next course of action, it is wise to ask the questions:
Is it honest/ ethical?
Is it kind to others and myself?
Is it necessary?

The third question being of great interest to many who have high expectations of themselves!

I have started to observe myself in the middle of a to-do list, completing one task so that I can start another.
My list appears to go on and on, endlessly self-generating as I think of more and more things I need to do or buy to get a job done – not to mention the money I hope to receive in reciprocation for my services, so that I can live a comfortable life.

Does this sound like you too? Whilst this scenario is routine to the average person and is by no means unhealthy, the moment you find yourself stressed – you have a concern.
At this stage, your achievements and monetary gains are taking precedent at the detriment of your mental health and general well-being. Short-term, this is a manageable compromise, long term, this can lead to resentment, disillusion, boredom, isolation, anxiety and eventually depression. And let’s face it – life is too short for that!

A great way to catch yourself before you go into hyper-drive is to take regular moments throughout the day to stop, breathe and reflect. Be honest with yourself when you answer the following question:
Am I asking too much of myself?
If you feel instinctively that the answer is yes, but you add the excuse that you ‘need’ or ‘have’ to, you’re in dangerous territory. We all have responsibilities to carry through, but only within our remit of capabilities and if you can’t honestly do it all on your own, that’s perfectly human! We all need to recognise our limits and learn to request help when it’s needed. Ultimately the task will be completed and will free up more time for yourself to do the things that replenish, revive and restore your happiness.

We can only try our best. Beyond that, are the opportunities we give  to others to shine a creative light on their own portion of the tapestry of life. We are all in it together, trying our best at being human!