About Emma

Dear Friend, hello and welcome!

Thanks for taking the time to get to know more about me. If you haven’t already explored Healthy Happy Human, I would firstly like to introduce myself as a lover of all things that bring about well-being.

Yoga came to me at a time when I was struggling to make sense of the many changes in my life that I felt I had no control over. My mind state at that time led me to search desperately for some inner peace and cultivate a more positive outlook on life. Of course, one of the first steps toward healing oneself is to believe that there is a cure and as it turned out, Yoga was the cure for me.

After 5 years of attending classes and noticing the improvements that yoga had on my everyday life, I decided to deepen my understanding of this ancient practice. As a result, I attended a teacher training program at ‘Purna Yoga’ in Byron Bay, Australia. After completing my training and gaining some insight into another way of living and perceiving life, I was then inspired to continue along this spiritual path. Not long after my teacher training, I attended a 10 day Vipassana, which is a Buddhist meditation practice. Consequently, I began to incorporate meditation into my daily routine as well.


More recently, I qualified as a holistic massage therapist in 2015 with the School of Natural Therapies in London. In 2016 I was accepted and commenced a degree in Physiotherapy at Kings College London, where I am working to deepen my understanding of human anatomy and physiology in hope of providing further assistance to my clients.

Using my experience and understanding of yoga, human physiology, and spirituality, my personal mission is to share ancient and modern wisdom with those who may find themselves in a similar position to me – searching for a means of cultivating balance and peace in our daily lives.

I truly believe that we all have the potential to be healthy, happy humans.