Perhaps this is the last thing on our minds at the moment with all the suffering and uncertainty that the Covid-19 crisis is causing. However, the practice of gratitude is of paramount importance for spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing – recommended by Religion, science and almost every self-development book out there. I’ll admit, as someone Continue reading »

Prayer for Self Love

The following is an excerpt from ‘The Mastery of Love’ by Don Miguel Ruiz. It is something to begin reading when you have some time to think about each section and when you’re feeling humble. Allow these words to wash over you and absorb everything you can. You can always come back and read this again. Continue reading »

Try Your Best

It is very easy to get caught up in the pressure to achieve status or acquire wealth in today’s times. Whilst it’s healthy and progressive to have dreams and goals, losing perspective on what’s necessary to live a healthy and fulfilling life is not! As human beings, we have been gifted with an opportunity to Continue reading »

It’s Just Stuff!

This is a very well used phrase in my household. Anytime something breaks, tears, gets dog-mauled or stained, a timely reminder chimes forth in the form of my mum’s happy voice. “It’s just stuff”, she says. How true! Rewind several years ago and I can remember being quite fond of all my ‘stuff’. I had Continue reading »